Obelion Structure

Obelion Structure

I have just finished university and our final deadline was last Monday.
Here is the first of a series of prints I completed as part of one of the projects.

The image is made up of skull lollipops interconnected and supporting each other to create a complex but fragile structure.

‘Obelion Structure’, Indigo Print on Heavyweight 250gsm Parch Marque Brite White paper, 420 x 300mm

I hope to set up an online shop soon to sell the limited run of prints I have, (5 of each) so check back soon.

Here’s a little snap of the print framed amongst some of the other work- full post on that to come.


Email [email protected] if interested in picking up a print.



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  1. abbe
    17 Jun ’11

    Love it – I’d really like to repeat this print onto a silk scarf. Very rock n’ Roll.

    Team it with a black leather jacket and job done.



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